Come enjoy blue ribbon fly fishing in the mountains of western Maryland. With reliable stream flows and temperatures all summer long, anglers of all abilities will enjoy a day of guided float or wade fishing with Orvis endorsed Savage River Anglers LLC. 

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Another exceptional evening float

Well the slate drake hatch came through again last night. I’ve been steering most of my floats towards the evening hours, which is paying off big time. The slate drake hatch was a little lighter last night, but was still mixed with a few march browns, stones, and midges. A few caddis and an unidentified mayfly I could not grab was around too. The ufb (unidentified flying bug) was about a #16 mayfly. Anyhow, it was all about a parachute adams or a march brown #12. The hatch was a little later starting, not until around 6 pm, but the fish ate on top all evening until we got off the water around 8:45. Will all the rain, flows are still excellent. PJ100_0729


Lower savage still fishing well

We had a lot of little fish that ate flies on the lower Savage yesterday. Could make contact with any larger fish fishing typical dry fly patterns, but the fingerlings were eating everything that went over them. The bigger fish seam to be sitting back and waiting for better hatches before they decide to eat on top. As a matter of fact, I haven’t been moving too many of them with nymphs either. I have been throwing a lot of streamers this year when this happens, and am moving lots of better fish with them. Here is one of the many nice browns that Rod moved on a wade trip yesterday throwing a sculpzilla.


Nuthin’ but snouts. Again….

The No Br went off again yesterday. I had the chance to hike into “spot x” and get a little wade fishing of my own in. The fish couldn’t stay off a parachute march brown. There was no need to fish a dropper. Absolutely ridiculous. I landed somewhere around 20 rainbows, mostly wild, 5 brooks, 5 browns, and 4 cuts. It fished well through all the rain. It’s been epic for the last several days with the stormy weather, so get out there and fish before a big high parks itself over us again.


The NoBr boiled last night

We floated the NoBr Potomac in the afternoon yesterday and got done just before dark. We had an epic night of dry fly fishing. Snouts were everywhere. It was certainly one of the best dry fly days I can remember ever having on the NoBr. Crème midges were thick as could be, but it was the slate drake and the march brown with the occasional stonefly that had the fish in a frenzy. The slate drake hatch was particularly strong from around 5:30-8:00 pm. One brown of 17 inches was landed and a dozen or so rainbows that went over 15, most of them wild. Lots of other slightly smaller fish wre put in the net too. The only disappointment was the one that got away. My angler panicked and broke of something very, very large that ate a parachute march brown in the fast water running in to a particular pool. All I saw was a big head eat the fly and then my angler got fully abused by a mean 100 yard run upstream and then another one back at the boat. When the fish turned to make another run, my angler locked down on his line and broke the beast off…PJphoto